Christophe Boeraeve – Partner


Christophe Boeraeve founded Law Right in November 2002 under the name Louiselawyers. Christophe is an experienced tax lawyer with broad national and international experience and has an extensive practice in non-profit associations.

Christophe’s practice covers small and medium enterprises and non-profit organisations on the one hand and entrepreneurs, directors, high level executives as well as self-employed consultants on the other.



Christophe teaches non-profit tax law at the ULB and CBC and Belgian law at the Brussels Business Institute for Higher Education. Christophe has co-written the following books: “l’ASBL pour TOUS”, “Guide pratique ASBL, AISBL et FONDATIONS”, “Fiscalité associative”, “Les travailleurs bénévoles”, “La DLU en pratique”, “Les intérêts notionnels”, “L’essentiel des ASBL, AISBL et Fondations”.
Christophe is often invited as a lecturer in tax seminars and in seminars on non-profit organisations. He  is also one of the authors of ASBL INFO and COMPTABILITE CREATIVE (

With Master degrees in Social Communications (Institut des Hautes Etudes en Communications Sociales, 1990),  Belgian Law (FUNDP & UCL, 1996)  and Tax law (Fiscale Hogeschool, 2000), Christophe  also holds a Master in US Law (UIUC – Illinois, 1998)  and Executive Masters in Management (Solvay Business School, 2010) and Executive Business Coaching (UCL-ICHEC-LOUVAIN SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT, 2013).

Before founding Law Right, Christophe was an associate in the Tax department of Linklaters LLP Brussels.
Christophe was admitted to the Brussels bar in 1998.