How do we proceed: six mandatory checks.

In our office, we have systematized our approach in a legal process with six mandatory checks to guarantee high level quality.

Checks 1, 2 and 3

To answer any question, a legal opinion, written pleas, a new business project, we need to carefully examine the three sources of the law: (1) the law, (2) case law and (3) Legal scholars.

Check 4

To achieve this triple review, we first prepare the best supportive documents with our client. We then make the best possible legal qualification of the facts.

Check 5

When possible, our fifth step is to verify our opinion on an anonymous basis with a supervisory authority like for instance the Financial Services and Markets Authority,  the Social Security administration, any other administrative authority or service, an  auditor or a public prosecutor…

Check 6

Finally, our vision of law and human relations is dynamic and not static.

The world is constantly changing, as our opinions and also the lives of businesses and individuals is made of obstacles and unexpected new directions and decisions that need to be taken. We therefore attach great importance to regularly hold meetings with our clients, to grow with them and to keep our legal opinions up-to-date.

It is only when each of the six boxes is checked that we are sure to have achieved our mission and that our customers may feel assured of receiving a comprehensive and high value legal opinion.