We offer a broad range of services covering the whole field of non-profit organizations:

  • advisory
  • incorporation of national and international non-profit associations and foundations
  • directors and officers liability
  • corporate housekeeping
  • winding-up and liquidation
  • dispute settlement

Banking & Finance

We offer a broad range of services in the field of commercial banking matters, including project finance and obtaining government and EU grants and assistance (Horizon 2020, etc.)


We offer a broad range of services in the field of commercial law, from the establishment of new businesses to the handling of commercial litigation:

  • general contract negotiation, drafting and advisory
  • distribution and agency
  • debt collection
  • loan agreements
  • labor contracts
  • commercial litigation


We offer a broad range of services covering the whole life of companies, from incorporation to liquidation:

  • advisory
  • corporate contract negotiation and drafting
  • directors and officers liability
  • incorporation and restructuring
  • capital increases and decreases
  • corporate housekeeping and corporate governance structures
  • winding-up and liquidation
  • corporate dispute settlement

Dispute Resolution

We regularly represent our clients in arbitration, mediation and legal proceedings in all of our practice areas.

We strive our hardest to maintain or restore relationships that may have been damaged by miscommunications and misrepresentations. Hence, we get back to meetings and discussions with all parties involved and follow Alternative Dispute Resolutions processes as Mediation. If needed, we will fight openly on your side in litigation when disputes cannot be prevented or resolved.


Rapid technological develo­pments and globalisation have brought new challenges for the protection of personal data. The scale of the collection and sharing of personal data has increased significantly.

Technology allows both private companies and public authorities to make use of electronic data on an unprecedented scale in order to pursue their activities.

Natural persons increasingly make personal information available publicly and globally. Technology has transform­­ed both the economy and social life, and should further facilitate the free flow of data within the Union and the transfer to third countries and international organisations, while ensuring a high level of the protection of personal data.

Those developments require a strong and more coherent data protection framework in the Union, backed by strong enforcement, given the importance of creating the trust that will allow the digital economy to develop across the internal market.

Law-right is leading EU & UAE player in the Data Protection, entering into, presenting and providing advice and trainings on the new EU Regulation ( &, the soon-to-become-famous General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)…

We see it with our clients as both the most important change in data privacy regulation in 20 years & probably the biggest business opportunity in the same time frame… but for the upcoming 20 years!

In addition to IP/IT data protection, we also advise on Patent Box solutions & the Optimisations of Royalties or Original Works enabling companies to apply a lower rate of Corporate Income Tax.


We offer a broad range of services in the field of insolvency, continuity of enterprises and collective debt settlement.

Mergers and Acquisitions

We offer a broad range of services covering the whole deal process, including management, transfer and re-organisation:

  • due diligence
  • business, asset and share transfer deals
  • managementbuy-outs
  • private equity investments
  • integrations, mergers, demergers and contributions
  • joint ventures and partnerships
  • corporate dispute settlement

Real Estate

We offer a broad range of services covering all phases of purchase of real estate property, including:

  • setting up of real estate vehicles
  • joint ventures and partnerships
  • negotiations with banks, environmental and public administration authorities
  • due diligence
  • asset and share transfer deals
  • the drafting of deeds and agreements
  • lease agreements for residential, offices and commercial projects
  • litigation


We offer a broad range of services in all areas of tax law, from advice to litigation, in particular in:

  • personal and corporate income tax
  • non-resident income tax
  • corporate restructuring of International salary structures (Split Salaries)
  • transfer pricing between associated companies
  • tax optimization of the situation of individuals (employee and/or self-employed)
  • advice on getting tax benefits from the use of double tax treaties
  • tax advice on private investments
  • tax advice in relation to financial, industrial and commercial investment projects
  • the Patent Box (Optimisations of Royalties)
  • negotiation and assistance in tax appeals and disputes