Deductibility of business trip expenses

In accordance with Article 49 of the Belgian Income Tax Code, several conditions have to be met for an expense to be deductible. Business expenses are deductible if the taxpayer has incurred them during the taxable period and if he justifies their existence and amount by means of supportive documents or, when this is not possible, by other means of proof but the oath. […]

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No taxation on capital gains in Belgium ?

Discover why Belgium is a tax heaven to sell shares. How are capital gains on shares taxed in Belgium (both in the hands of an individual and of a company) ? Article 90, 9° of the Belgian Income Tax Code provides for the taxation as miscellaneous incomes: […]

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Tax optimization with the 4w’s method

Example of the application of the FIRST W: the Distribution of € 100,000 by a UAE company to its employee : The employee ends up with € 100,000 : no taxes and social security contributions. Distribution of € 100,000 by a Belgian company to its director : Out of € 100,000 distributed to a director in Belgium, she ends up with a net income of € 51,500. […]

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Taxes are compulsory, unrequited payments to general government. They are unrequited in the sense that benefits provided by government to taxpayers are not normally in proportion to their payments. The OECD methodology classifies a tax according to its base: income, profits and capital gains; payroll; property; goods and services; and other taxes. Compulsory social security contributions paid to general government are also treated as taxes, and are classified under a separate heading. […]

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 Exemples of subsidies granted by the Brussels Region

Exemples of subsidies granted by the Brussels Region a. Canvassing in markets outside of the European Union costs Subsidies can be obtained to expand the business activity of the company to countries where the company is not active yet, or only marginally (maximum 10% of the total turnover). […]

Horizon 2020: Samuël Maenhout, – Policy Officer, Communication and Dissemination for SMEs, EU Commission

The EPSI (European Platform for Sport Innovation : is holding a two-days most interesting conference on Innovations and SME welcoming top level speakers and EU officials. Here is the program : EPSI Meetings Programme Date:  14-15 November 2013 Location: EPSI/FESI office, 20 Rue Belliard, 1040 Brussels, Belgium   14 November Afternoon: Working Committees 14h-16.30h  EU Policy & Action Groups, chaired by Alberto Bichi (all EPSI members to participate) 16.30h-16.45h Coffee break 16.45h-18.15h Profile Group, chaired by René Wijlens (all EPSI members to participate)   15 November   Morning:   Working Committees 10.00h-11.30h Dissemination & Communication Group, chaired by Alain Belli (all EPSI members to participate) 11.30h-12.00h selection of Working Committee members and final constitution of Working Committees   Afternoon:   12.00h-13h Lunch   13h-16h General Assembly     Agenda EU Policy and Action Groups meeting, Chair: Alberto Bichi Date:  14 November 2013 Time: 14.00h Location: EPSI/FESI office, 20 Rue Belliard, 1040 Brussels, Belgium   14.00 Welcome, Adoption of Agenda, Review objectives, Mission Statement 14.15 Coordination with other Technology platforms: Lutz Walter - Secretary General of the Textile European Technology Platform, 14.37 The Prosumer.Net roadmap: Emanuele Carpanzano – Chairman of Footwear ETP DG Research and Innovation 15.00 Horizon 2020: Samuël Maenhout, - Policy Officer, Communication and Dissemination for SMEs, EU Commission 15.30 ProFit Project: EU network of FieldLabs based on sport,  which stimulates innovation and new business creation in the sports sector, René Wijlens - Manager, Sports & Technology DG Enterprise & Industry 15.40 Competitiveness of  Enterprises and SMEs (COSME): Jean-Francois Aguinaga - Head of Unit, Textiles, Fashion, Design and Creative Industries   16.10 EU4SPORTS, Xavi Esteve – Cluster Manager, INDESCAT  16.25 Conclusion and confirmation of next meetings     *****  

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