Exemples of subsidies granted by the Brussels Region

a. Canvassing in markets outside of the European Union costs

Subsidies can be obtained to expand the business activity of the company to countries where the company is not active yet, or only marginally (maximum 10% of the total turnover).

Half of the costs related to the preparation of this expansion can be financially supported by the Brussels Region.

Those costs cover:

–          Business trips to the chosen country to meet with future investors, suppliers, business    partners,… ;

–          Participation to missions, conventions or seminaries related to this expansion ;

–          Hiring a professional who will assist the company in the commercial expansion to the  chosen country ;

–          …

The maximum amount of the canvassing in markets outside of the European Union costs is 20.000,00 € per calendar year.

b. Consultant costs

Occasional help from a consultant on specific points to develop, expand or boost the competiveness of the company, can also be half paid by the Brussels Region.

The kind of missions carried out by the consultant are multiple :

–          Establishment of a business plan ;

–          Establishment of a market research ;

–          …

The point is that those missions cannot be carried out on a regular basis. Indeed, those subsidies will not be granted for the hiring of a permanent lawyer or accountant. Nevertheless, if those professional work for the company on a specific task, it could be partly paid by the Brussels Region.

You are entitled to two aids per year for a total amount of 30.000,00 €.

  1. Creation of a website costs

Subsidies can also be obtained for specific costs linked to the realization of promotional materials devoted to presentation of individual activities, references, products or services of the company.

Therefore, the creation of a website for the company can be half paid by the Brussels Region.

In addition, other materials can also be subsidized: brochures, leaflets, catalogues, films,…

Please note that logos and translation costs also constitutes expenditures that can be paid up to 50 % by the Brussels region, and that you are likely to face given the specifics of the Eve Dreams project.

The maximum amount of the subsidies for those costs is 5.000,00 € per calendar year.