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No taxation on capital gains in Belgium ?

Discover why Belgium is a tax heaven to sell shares. How are capital gains on shares taxed in Belgium (both in the hands of an individual and of a company) ? Article 90, 9° of the Belgian Income Tax Code provides for the taxation as miscellaneous incomes: […]

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Directors’ liability in relation to a not-for-profit organization

There are two types of liability: contractual liability resulting from the poor performance of the contract and liability in tort resulting from a mistake committed outside of any contract: […]

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How to obtain a belgian professional card ?

Foreign (non-EU) nationals wishing to settle in Belgium and be self-employed must hold a professional card authorizing them to exercise their profession (carte professionnelle/beroepskaart), which can be issued for a period of five years. This is the entry door for a Belgian visa. […]

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The regulation of the data-processing in both the public and private sector

Our control over personal information is changing as information technology allows data to be collected and analyzed by both public and private sectors. Technologies and business are moving so fast that it brought new challenges for the protection of personal data. […]

Non-competition clause in my employment contract ? Not under certain caps!

Does your work contract have a non-compete? If so, make sure it’s valid! Many contracts have a non-compete clause included to make sure that the employee poses no threat to the company’s business once the work agreement expires. Are you doubting whether your non-compete has legal standing? If yes, then read on, because Belgian law has certain conditions for the validity of non-compete clauses. […]

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