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SMEs offer nearly 40% of all jobs in nonfinancial enterprises

In 2011, of the 22 million enterprises in the EU28’s non-financial business economy 7% were SMEs, accounting for 38% of persons employed and reating 38% of total turnover. The majority of EU28 enterprises were micro enterprises (93%), accounting for 30% of persons employed and 17% of turnover, while 0.2% were large enterprises with 33% of persons employed and 44% of turnover. Highest shares of SMEs in Germany, Romania, Luxembourg and Austria.

Enhancing Competitiveness and growth of EU industry – What can be done?

The European Commission (DG Enterprise and Industry) has contracted the IDEA Consult/ECORYS consortium to conduct a study about stakeholders' views to enhance the competitiveness and growth of EU businesses for the coming years.

Performance of SMEs in 2012: amidst challenges, prospects improving for most Member States

The SBA factsheets are developed on the basis of a wide range of success indicators and national policy developments, grouped according to the SBA's ten policy dimensions: (1) Entrepreneurship, (2) Second chance, (3) Think small first, (4) Responsive administration, (5) State aid and public procurement, (6) Access to finance, (7) Single market, (8) Skills and innovations, (9) Environment, and (10) Internationalization.


Belgium State of the SMEs: In 2012, there were more than 511 000 SMEs in Belgium’s private business sector, employing some 1.7 million workers and producing about 107 billion EUR in value added to the economy. They represent 99.8% of all businesses and account for 61.6% of the economic value-added and 68.9% of employment in the private non-financial sector. Recovery from the crisis: Belgium’s SME sector has weathered the crisis well, as employment in SMEs increased by 4 % between 2008 and 2012. While the outlook for 2013 and beyond still looks moderately optimistic, some risks have appeared, including ones due to the recent string of closures of large industrial plants. SME-oriented policies are therefore more important than ever. Business environment: Belgium’s SBA policy profile is mixed. Its performance is above the EU average in half of the 10 SBA areas. Innovation is the strength of Belgian SMEs, while the lack of dynamism in entrepreneurship is its weakness. In general, during the past year, the conditions for SMEs have remained unchanged, except for a number of interesting new policy measures, most notably in the areas of entrepreneurship, access to finance, internationalisation, environment and innovation. In some areas such as public administration and internationalisation, elevated costs of doing business were identified as a problem. While the policy measures implemented over the past 12 months are laudable, Belgiumneeds to continue forcing reforms in all SBA policy areas so as to allow for further progress.

Horizon 2020: Samuël Maenhout, – Policy Officer, Communication and Dissemination for SMEs, EU Commission

The EPSI (European Platform for Sport Innovation : is holding a two-days most interesting conference on Innovations and SME welcoming top level speakers and EU officials. Here is the program : EPSI Meetings Programme Date:  14-15 November 2013 Location: EPSI/FESI office, 20 Rue Belliard, 1040 Brussels, Belgium   14 November Afternoon: Working Committees 14h-16.30h  EU Policy & Action Groups, chaired by Alberto Bichi (all EPSI members to participate) 16.30h-16.45h Coffee break 16.45h-18.15h Profile Group, chaired by René Wijlens (all EPSI members to participate)   15 November   Morning:   Working Committees 10.00h-11.30h Dissemination & Communication Group, chaired by Alain Belli (all EPSI members to participate) 11.30h-12.00h selection of Working Committee members and final constitution of Working Committees   Afternoon:   12.00h-13h Lunch   13h-16h General Assembly     Agenda EU Policy and Action Groups meeting, Chair: Alberto Bichi Date:  14 November 2013 Time: 14.00h Location: EPSI/FESI office, 20 Rue Belliard, 1040 Brussels, Belgium   14.00 Welcome, Adoption of Agenda, Review objectives, Mission Statement 14.15 Coordination with other Technology platforms: Lutz Walter - Secretary General of the Textile European Technology Platform, 14.37 The Prosumer.Net roadmap: Emanuele Carpanzano – Chairman of Footwear ETP DG Research and Innovation 15.00 Horizon 2020: Samuël Maenhout, - Policy Officer, Communication and Dissemination for SMEs, EU Commission 15.30 ProFit Project: EU network of FieldLabs based on sport,  which stimulates innovation and new business creation in the sports sector, René Wijlens - Manager, Sports & Technology DG Enterprise & Industry 15.40 Competitiveness of  Enterprises and SMEs (COSME): Jean-Francois Aguinaga - Head of Unit, Textiles, Fashion, Design and Creative Industries   16.10 EU4SPORTS, Xavi Esteve – Cluster Manager, INDESCAT  16.25 Conclusion and confirmation of next meetings     *****  

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The Birthday Project ~ Changing the world, one birthday at a time

Have you ever been the recipient of another person's random kindness? Tell us how it made an unexpected difference in your life. How did you celebrate a birthday, holiday, anniversary or other special occasion by making the world a better place?  We'd love to know! Do you know of a lesser known charity or cause that is doing amazing things but could use some free publicity?  We like to spread the word about ways people can help others. Watch the video and find more about the project on their website.

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Pay It Forward – Acts of Kindness – Boomerang Effect

A random act of kindness is a selfless act performed by a person or people wishing to either assist or cheer up an individual person or people. The phrase may have been coined by Anner Herbert, who says that she wrote "Practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty" on a place mat at a Sausalito restaurant in 1982 or 1983. Either spontaneous or planned, random acts of kindness are encouraged by various communities.

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